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Please order online. 'You Are Salt & Light' reveals the spiritual attacks of the enemy on the body of Christ in America. 

Please order online. 50 Days To Prepare What's Ahead: 8 Sunday teaching series from the Book of Revelation. 

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Deception Breeds Compromise

Our Biblical text for today’s blog is found in Matthew 24:24 and Mark 13:22. The worldly standards that have been promoted dur9ing this generation in “Christian America” have become SO strong and far-reaching that we cannot hope to avoid the effects of the warfare in which we are involved. The devil has never enjoyed so … Continue reading Deception Breeds Compromise

America’s Relentless Pursuit

In Luke 17:26-30 Jesus warned us of one of the ways Satan would attack Christians in our time. He said: “Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man (referring to the time of His return.) People were eating, drinking, marrying and … Continue reading America’s Relentless Pursuit

What if Jesus attended your church?

The most outstanding characteristic of genuine revival throughout history is an overwhelming sense of the Lord’s presence. Revival, above all else, is a purposeful glorification of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a restoration of Him as a living personality to the center of life in the church. During every period of revival, you will … Continue reading What if Jesus attended your church?

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What Others Are Saying

Pastor BarnettThis book (You Are Salt & Light) carries a powerful message. I truly believe God will use it to spark a new awakening in the church.

I thoroughly recommend it!

Tommy Barnett, Pastor of one of the largest churches in America and founder of the Dream Centers.

Every couple of years, a book will profoundly affect both my thinking and living.

You Are Salt & Light by Bob Fraley was that way. I was forced to grapple with thoughts

I had never before considered, and I felt staggered by their implications.

Dr. David Mains, Director of Chapel of the Air for 20 years and Author of over 20 Christian books.

Larry NevilleIf I were to write a book, this book (You Are Salt & Light) says everything that I would want to say. I support Bob in every way I can to get his message out.

Larry Neville, Pastor and President of Praise Chapel Fellowship, which has over 1500 churches worldwide.