Bob Fraley is a Christian leader, educator, author and philanthropist, who for more than 35 years has been teaching and writing to help open the eyes of believers to the spiritual attacks of the enemy on america. Bob has also had a long and successful career in the corporate business world (Alexco, Chandler). He defines America as the country God raised up to be 'Salt and Light' -the center of Christianity-- in these last days. However, just as Satan often destroyed the calling of the Jewish nation, he now has his eyes set on destroying "Christian America."

In his research Bob discovered that most Christians in America are not spiritually prepared to stand against Satan’s deceptive tactics being used in his end-time warfare against Christianity in our country. Bob’s ministry, “Christian Life Outreach,” initiated a ‘Campaign to Save Christian America’, by teaching Christians how to build a spiritual ark of protection for their families so they can spiritually survive and excel in these last days, fulfilling God’s mission to be Salt and Light.

His teaching is taught from personal experience, not just book knowledge. He and his wife Barbara have been married for 52 years and have raised 9 children. They have an incredible life story to tell. In 1969 he and his wife were prompted by the Lord to take six children and raise them along with their own three, when the children’s parents were killed in an automobile accident.

In 1971 Bob had a revolutionary encounter with the Lord about the prophetic times in which we live. He was shown how Satan would attack to destroy Christian America in these last days, which would have a devastating effect on American families and our country’s moral values. This caused Bob and his wife to become very dependent on the Lord to teach them how to raise their expanded family. The Lord inspired Bob to study the Scriptures about the end-times and the Christian walk along with researching America’s spiritual history so he and his wife could prepare their family for the spiritual warfare the enemy would be conducting.

Soon thereafter the Lord convicted Bob that he was to share the biblical principles that he was learning about the spiritual warfare in these last days. His first book was published in 1975. As he grew in his understanding, Bob continued to write and has now had seven books and several booklets published - please click here and visit Bob Fraley's book store. His latest book, ‘You Are Salt & Light’, which is a revised version of ‘Salt & Light’, is a summary of the biblical principles he has learned over the years. Bob Fraley integrated in the revised version ‘You Are Salt & Light’ a ‘Questions and Answers’ section after each chapter as a guidance for personal studies and research.

The Fraley’s testimony confirms Bob’s message. They have not had any of the contemporary problems—drugs, alcohol, divorce, rebellion, etc.—with their children or grandchildren and most of them were very active in school and college. Their family has grown to 62 members and continues to grow. They all—except the few who are still too young—have made a commitment to serve the Lord.

For more than 35 years, Bob has been attempting to both open the eyes of fellow believers and to help equip them to spiritually survive and excel in these critical end-times. In addition, in 1974 Bob and Barbara Fraley founded Paradise Valley Christian School in Phoenix, Arizona, which today is one of the major Christian schools in the Phoenix area serving Christians from all Christian Denominations (

In 2007 Bob Fraley found prominent support for his message: Dr. David Mains. Dr. Mains is a well-known Christian Leader in America, serving as senior pastor in Chicago at Circle Church for ten years and then as director of the Chapel of the Air radio ministry for two decades. In 1995 the National Religious Broadcasters honored him with their Television Program of the Year award. Dr. Mains and Bob Fraley have developed a new teaching series about the last days titled, "The Remarkable Revelation: 50 Days to Prepare for What's Ahead.”

Please also look into Bob Fraley’s philanthrophic work in Africa. He also owns a Christian Retreat Center in Ohio, which serves all Christian denominations.